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Luffy Gear Fourth – Boundman (Dressrosa) Action Statue

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Luffy Gear Fourth – Boundman (Dressrossa)

Luffy (lucy) The Corrida Colosseum Disguise Figure


Name Material Height
Ace Mera – Mera No Mi PVC 11.5cm

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Character :The Colosseum features a round stage encircled by water, with four cardinal walkways resulting in the stage. There are 3 levels of seating for the audience all around the Colosseum. Underneath the Colosseum is the SMILE mill, where Mansherry and many different  dwarves are also forced to figure at.

As a rule arrange out by the Donquixote Pirates, the police and Marines alike cannot enter the Colosseum,  notwithstanding a criminal is clearly at intervals its wall, rendering their authority null and void farewell because  the criminal in question has a minimum of one foot inside. Anyone who violates this law are going to be deemed criminals themselves.

Competitors don’t seemed to be allowed to modify themselves with another person between battles.

The bullfight Colosseum tournament is split into various rounds.The layout of Corrida Colosseum is possible supported the Roman Colosseum, that once control tournaments with gladiators who fought to the death.

  • Quality That MattersThe Action statues is made of high-quality PVC material, which will not break over time. The statue has fixed pose with no assembly required. It ensures durability & longevity.
  • Beautiful artifact: Display on your table, showcase, fridge, shelf       Occasion – birth day gift for boys, wedding present, party gift etc. Use the statue to embellish your home, office, party table etc.
  • GIFTING & MEMORIESThis hand-drafted model is fantastically prepacked and should be a pleasant gift for multiple occasions. It is often a decoration of your pretty children’s desktop vitality.

100% Pleased Assurance. If you have any query, please feel free to communicate us.

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