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Whitebeard Marineford Battle

Whitebeard Marineford Battle

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Darth Vader

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Levi on Chair

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  • Name – Levi On Chair Action Figure
  • Material – PVC
  • Height – 27cm
  • Color – Multi
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  • CharacterLevi is described as a “clean freak” by people who know him personally as he prefers his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean. He’s against to having either himself or his equipment soiled, and has been known to wipe down his blood-stain blades while still on the battlefield. However, he won’t hesitate to the touch mud if he judges it necessary. Levi is the  captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps, and is known to be humanity’s strongest soldier.


  • StrengthLevi has formidable physical strength, which is not any doubt evident by his mastery of the vertical maneuvering equipment. His body is well built with heavy muscle, making him very strong, and simply able to defeat his opponents.


  • Appearance Levi has short, straight black hair titled in an undercut curtain, yet as slim, intimidating boring grey eyes with dark circles below them and a misleading youthful face. He is most frequently seen in his Survey Corps uniform, with a light grey button-up shirt


  • GiftingChildren of all ages will love with our action figures. Our collection includes popular super heroes which are excellent Gift Choice. The figurine is just perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, kitty party, children’s day gift, house warming gift, and much more.


  • Quality That MattersThe Action figurine is made of high-quality PVC material, which will not break over time. The statue has fixed pose with no assembly required. It ensures durability & longevity.


100% Pleased Assurance. If you have any query, please feel free to communicate us.

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