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Batman v/s Joker Action Figure

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Iron Man Mark 85

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Iron Man Mark 85 PVC 28cm
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Ability The Mark 85 is Stark’s toughest armour, as he was able to physically assault Thanos and even hold up a fight for the Nano Gauntlet long enough to shift the nanites of the Gauntlet and grab the Infinity Stones despite Thanos’ physical strength having utterly surpassed the Mark L. Tony Stark’s Mark 85 armour is the most robust and resilient armour he has ever built. It was significantly more resistant to Thanos’ attacks than the Mark L Armor was, and it remained functional until the end. The suit enable Stark to resist an unintentional blow from Mjlnir, though the blow briefly knocked him out. Its most famous durability feat was the capacity to hold all of the Infinity Stones, allowing Stark to harness their cumulative power despite energy leaks into the armour itself. However, the suit does not provide the same layer of safety from the energy of the stones as the Infinity Gauntlet does, which led to Stark’s death shortly after activating his own version of the Snap and demolishing Thanos and his army.

Multi-Purpose Usage The armour boosts the device’s core energy and survival skills to new heights. It was designed to battle Thanos up close and personal.

Excellent Gift Choice The MARVEL’s merchandise is just perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, kitty party, children’s day gift, house warming gift, and much more.

ARMY Create your own MARVEL’s Army with the collection of Action Figures Toys.

Quality That Matters The Action statues is made of high-quality PVC material, which will not break over time. The statue has fixed pose with no assembly required. It ensures durability & longevity.

Character It seems in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR the Armor’s composition consists Gold-Titanium nano particles. The complete armor is keep among a replacement removable Arc Reactor that additionally is a storing unit for the Nano particles (mentioned by Stark himself), and may be deployed once required. This armor options advanced nanotechnology that helps in forming new structures and shapes of weapons within the suit. The armor is extraordinarily sturdy, capable of withstanding blasts and very powerful strikes, likewise as being utterly bulletproof.

Beautiful artifact Display on your table, showcase, fridge, shelf etc. Occasion – birth day gift for boys, wedding present, party gift etc. Use the statue to embellish your home, office, party table etc.

ARMY Create your own MARVEL’s Army with the collection of Action Figures Toys.

Material Unique design, made of resin then hand painted to give the look of expensive metal antique-piece. Impress your guests with this precious essence looking item. Its low priced however seems like prime quality valuable metal.

Gifting This MARVEL toys is ideal for work desk or home display or collectible, gifting. Get This Quality product MARVEL’s merchandise with an Attractive, Compact Design. Good for gifting to a one piece figurines Fan they will love it. This showpiece will make your home/office look royal and unique and different from your relative’s home.

100% Pleased Assurance. If you have any query, please feel free to communicate us.

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